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Recording Database: 01/01/1984 - 09/23/2021
Marriage Licenses: 01/01/1940 - 04/30/1991
(To search marriages recorded from 05/01/1991 to present please access the Marriage/Civil Union Records Search page.)
(Some Plats, Ditches and Reservoirs may be available prior to 1984.)
Images of recorded documents are not available on our website.

General  For a basic grantor/grantee search, in the “Grantor’s or Grantee’s Name” field simply enter Last Name followed by First Name (separated by a space only) and then press the “Submit Search” button at the bottom of the page. This will return all instruments recorded from 1984 to present with the selected name as grantor or grantee. To narrow your search, enter additional search criteria (date range, document type, etc).
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Subdivisions  Please note: Legal descriptions are indexed only on Warranty Deeds recorded from 2005 to present.
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Document copy fees are $0.25 per page. Plat map copies are $3.00 per page. Certification fees are $1.00 per document.
For documents to be returned by mail, the following postage and handling fees apply:
1-10 Pages - $1.25, 11-20 Pages - $2.00, Over 20 Pages - $2.50.
For plat map copies: 1-2 Pages $3.00, 3 Pages-$3.50, Over 3 Pages-$6.50

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